CoverGlobal Ltd

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CoverGlobal Team

  • Päivi Rajamäki
    Päivi Rajamäki CEO

  • Juhana Berner
    Juhana Berner Development Director

  • Erkki Österberg
    Erkki Österberg COO

  • Emmi Kyparissakos
    Emmi Kyparissakos Marketing Manager

  • Alexandre Tellier
    Alexandre Tellier Account Manager

  • Katja Schütt
    Katja Schütt Systemdesigner/account manager

  • Sergio Chávez
    Sergio Chávez System Product Development

CoverGlobal Ltd
Yrittäjäntie 16 B4
01800 Klaukkala
+358 10 666 46 10