Framed glazing system gives a terrace complete protection.

The COVER-COPAL sliding framed glazing is a good alternative for the traditional, frameless COVER system if you like to choose a model with vertical frames.

COVER-COPAL sliding glazing is a high-quality and user-friendly system, appropriate especially for terraces. It efficiently blocks out the rain, dust, dirt and flying rubbish, and as a result the terrace keeps clean and pleasant, throughout the year. The glazing can also be locked. In COVER-COPAL system, the glass panes each slide on their own rail; they are easy to stack up in the corner and later to pull back to their place. The colour of the aluminium frame surrounding the glass elements can be chosen to match the rest of the house’s visual appearance.

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COVER-COPAL sliding glazing

– expands the usage life and possibilities of the terrace
– protects against wind, rain, dust and cold
– decreases the need for maintenance and cleaning of the terrace

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