Modernise the facade of your property with the Cover Railing System!

The finished glass and aluminium design of the Cover Railing System provides protection and security, but it is also a maintenance-free element that provides the facade with a modern look.

Cover kaidejärjestelmä
Plenty of options!

Using different types of colour and cladding options, the Cover Railing System can be tailored to create a solution that meets customer requirements.

The Cover Railing System is constructed of fully recyclable materials.
The Cover Railing System

primarily utilises 4+4 mm laminated glass, but other glass types are also available. The type of glass used with the railings is specified based on customer preferences, location of the property and local building regulations.

The Cover Railing System can be used as a separate railing solution or it can be combined with the Cover Balcony Glass System to create an architecturally uniform solution.


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