Cover lasiterassi

Why Cover glass terrace?

The stylish and maintenance-free, aluminium-constructed Cover glass terrace is designed to withstand European weather conditions. You can tailor the glass terrace to suit your home using different structures and glass colour options. You can take the tailoring further by selecting a Cover glazing system with the functions you prefer. You can enjoy quality time with your family and friends on a fully glazed terrace, protected from wind and rain.

The structure of the Cover glass terrace

consists of vertical (1) and horizontal (2) aluminium beams. The vertical beams are attached to connectors (3), which are attached to the terrace base. The glass panels on the roof will be fixed with ceiling beams (4) by using a sealed lid profile and the tri angle glass (5) on the side is fixed to the structure by using f- or h- profiles. The rain gutter (6) is attached to the gutter beam (7), which covers the ends of the ceiling beams. The connection between the back wall and the glass roof structure will be sealed by using a plate (8).

In the standard delivery, elements of the Cover glass terrace are 8 mm clear, tempered safety glass, but other options are also available.

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