COVER balcony glazing protects the balcony in any weather.

In sunny weather, the glazing is easy to open completely or partly. In rainy and windy weather the balcony glazing is easily closed. The glazing protects balcony furniture and decreases the maintenance need of the balcony. Thanks to the horizontal running gears the balcony glazing can be installed on balconies of any shape, both round and angular. The glass elements slide lightly over angles with different degrees.

Parvekelasitus, parvekelasitukset - ratkaisu 2
Cover-parvekelasitukset sekä -alumiinikaiteet 49
Cover parvekelasitus - lasitukset 28
Cover parvekelasitus - lasitukset
COVER glazing provides the balcony with comfort and ease

– expands the balcony’s usage life and possibilities
– forms a safe space for children and pets to stay in
– protects against wind and flying rubbish, rain, dust and decreases the volume of outside noise
– decreases the need for maintenance and cleaning of the balcony
– increases the apartment’s value
– brings forth savings in heating costs

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